Giulia Falato


Departmental Lecturer in Chinese

Faculty Address:

China Centre



Research Interests:

  • History of the cultural relations between China and Europe (Ming-Qing period)
  • Ming-Qing China Jesuit history and literary productions
  • Educational theories and practices in imperial China

Courses Taught:

  • Historiography of Early China
  • Unseen translation
  • Seminars on Tanf-Qing history
  • Readings in Classical Chinese

Selected publications:



Co-edited volume: 

  • G.Falato, R. Vinci (eds). Virtuous youngsters and where to find them: educational pathways and representations of young people in the Chinese pedagogical and literary traditions. On the road to Cathay, XIV.25, 2021, ISSN 1970-3449  (with contributions in Italian and English)

Annotated translations:

  • Annotated translations (in Italian) of six texts by Xu Guangqi (題《萬國二圜圖序》, 題《測量法義》, 《 勾股義》序, 造物主垂象略說, 修改曆法請訪用湯若望羅雅谷疏, 聖教規誡箴讚) included in the volume Xu Guangqi e gli studi celesti (Xu Guangqi and Heavenly learning), edited by E. Giunipero, Edizioni A. Guerini & Associati, 2020, ISBN 978-88-6250-778-3 

Journal articles:

  • G.Falato, "Growing up in the Inner Chambers in late Tang times: moral duties and social expectations", the Journal of the European Association of Chinese Studies, 2, 2021, pp. 11-35 
  • G. Falato, "Parents, children, mutual duties and relations: a European way of governing the family in a late Ming socio-cultural context", Rivista degli Studi Orientali, XCIII (4), 2020, pp. 47-60, ISSN 1724 - 1863
  • G.Falato, "Alfonso Vagnone's Tongyou jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the Education of Children, c.1632) and its contribution to the introduction of Western learning into late Ming China", in Ming Qing Studies (special edition December 2015),  Aracne Editrice, 2015, pp.137-159, ISBN 978-88-548-8958-3 
  • G. Falato, "The Western concept of friendship in Alfonso Vagnone's Tongyou jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the Education of Children)", in International Communication of Chinese Culture, 3 (1), Springer, 2015, pp. 95-106, ISSN 2197-4233


Current Projects:

  • Education and representations of young people in Chinese sources between tradition and modernity (BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, 2022 - 2023)
  • Animal imagery in late Ming Jesuit humanistic publications in Chinese


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