Joanna Weinberg


Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies; James Mew lecturer in rabbinical Hebrew; Lecturer in Hebrew, Exeter College 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Exeter College


Research Interests:

  • Jewish historiography
  • Jews in the Renaissance
  • Midrash
  • History of scholarship

Current Projects:

  • Johannes Buxtorf the elder and his copybook: an analysis of a Christian Hebraist’s reading practices
  • A reassessment of the Maharal of Prague’s approach to the gentile world
  • The reception of Josephus in the early modern period.

Courses Taught:

  • Rabbinic and Medieval Hebrew texts
  • Maimonides
  • Midrash
  • Medieval Jewish history / thought

Recent Publications:

  • Co-author Anthony Grafton, "I have always loved the Holy Tongue". Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a Forgotten Chapter in Renaissance Scholarship, Cambridge Mass., January, 2011.
  • “A Rabbinic disquisition of Leviticus 26:3-16: A Utopian Vision between Jews and Christians” in Scriptural Exegesis. The Shapes of Culture and the Religious Imagination: Essays in honour of  Michael Fishbane, Oxford University Press, 2008, 121-34.
  • “Abraham and the Nations in a late Midrash” in Brill Series in Ancient Judaism and early Christianity, 2010
  • “Azariah de' Rossi and Pythagoras, or what has Classical Antiquity to do with Halakhah?”  in Tov Elem. Memory, Community and Gender in Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Societies. Essays in honor of Robert Bonfil, Jerusalem, 2011, 178-87.
  • “La quête de Philon dans l’historiographie juive du XVIE siècle” in B. Decharneux and S. Inowlocki (eds) Philon d’Alexandrie. Un penseur à l’intersection des cultures gréco-romaine, orientale, juive et chrétienneTurnhout (2011), 403-32.

Photograph of Joanna Weinberg