Graduate Admissions

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford is one of the world’s leading centres for research and teaching on the languages, history and cultures of Asia and the Middle East. Among subjects in the humanities, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is unique in introducing students to civilisations that are radically different from the Western ones that form the basis of the curriculum in most British schools and colleges. The courses run at Oxford present both the major traditions of the regions studied and, in most cases, their modern developments. The multidisciplinary Faculty has members in linguistics, philology, literature, archaeology, history, religious studies, art history and the social sciences.

Courses are listed on the Faculty Undergraduate and Graduate admissions pages. Once you have consulted the Faculty pages about each course, the main University Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions pages provide further information about the available courses, their fees and entry requirements, and details on how to apply.

Details about Exam Regulations for each of the courses can be found here.


A number of scholarships and grants are available at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, both at Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Further information can be found on our Funding webpage.

Information for EU students: Updates on the University’s Brexit strategy can be found here, and a student Q&A can be found here.